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Diabetes Complications – When Complications Acute

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, you will always have the likelihood of complications hanging over your head. The question is what the acute complications are. What should you search for? Which part of your body will be mainly affected? We will try to explain what the most brutal complications are, and what you should look at for.

Diabetic Complications and Blood Vessel Diseases

Complications typically are blood vessel diseases. These complications could involve either the small blood vessels or the larger ones. The small ones involve the eyes, nerves, and kidneys. The larger vessels would comprise coronary heart disease, strokes, and severe pain in the lower legs.

Diabetic Complications: Kidney Damage for Diabetes

Considering diabetes kidney damage is a frequent complication. The disease will vary with each individual, as well as how quick it progresses. The damage of the small vessels in the kidneys is known as diabetic nephropathy. This causes protein to seep out into the urine.

Eventually the kidneys lose their capability to clean and filter the blood. In order to filter the toxins from the bloods dialysis may be needed. It serves the same role as the kidney and once you deal with dialysis you will need to linger on it. The only option would be to have a kidney transplant.

Nerve Damage for Diabetes

Nerve damage for diabetics is something I am acquainted with. Both my father and stepmother suffer from diabetes caused nerve damage. Unluckily, it has affected their feet. Mom has a constant burning and pain in both her feet. She has a tough time walking and is increasingly in more pain as the disease progresses.

She cannot able to walk for any length of time, and needs to wear the most relaxed sandals she can find, and wear them with a thin pair of socks. She is in regular pain. Dad lost all feeling in his feet and was not able to feel any pain when his toe tattered against a tiny carpet tack.

Loss of several toes and a portion of his foot was the result of this. Diabetics need to take particular care of their feet and legs. Even a little injury can cause a severe infection, festering ulcers, gangrene, and elimination of all affected parts.

In men, nerve damage may also cause impotence. Diabetic neuropathy can influence the nerves that direct to the penis that allow for penile erection. If the penis is not in receipt of the blood flow it needs on account of nerve damage, it can source erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Diabetic Complications with Eye

Complications with eye are another common severe complication of diabetes. It normally occurs in patients who have had diabetes for over five years and is called diabetic retinopathy; Blood vessel damage in the back of the eye causes an outflow of protein and blood in the retina.

It will also cause small aneurysms, and new blood vessels may develop but will be fragile. Blood loss from the new blood vessels can cause scarring and a detachment of the retina causing damaged eyesight.

It’s enough to compel you to avoid complications by describingthese complications, if possible. Look out of your body, eat healthy, exercise, and get the rest you require.


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