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Diabetes Research is the research conducted by different organizations who are trying to identify exactly what cause diabetes and how to give it up prior to it starts. But there is a still additional hard work to be done. While diabetes is a problem that affects such a huge cross-section of the population, amazingly only a few were known about the disease.

Some Research Organizations for Diabetes Research

Organizations such as the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation, or DAREF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Diabetes Research Institute and the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation are some of the more well-known institutions that are attempting to discover more about this chronic illness.

Projects Undertaken by the Research Organizations

The currently undertaken projects by these Diabetes Research organizations focus on a broad range of Diabetes research. Subjects covered by these foundations comprise immunotherapy for Type I diabetes, the effects of exercise training for those with diabetes, arterial issues, enhancing the cell survival of important agents in diabetes, the use of gene therapy to treat diabetes, and many others.

Diabetes Research on Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes Research into a Type I diabetes medication that helps the beta cells in the pancreas to stay longer is currently in progress by the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation that may establish to help patients create insulin on their own, helping to minimize the dependence on outside sources of insulin.

This study shows promise in that 8 of 10 patients studied experienced an increase in C-peptide levels, a forerunner to fixing the problem. This study is still in phase 2, and if it is accomplished successfully then a phase 3 study could potentially offer a harmless and effective therapy for juveniles that are at risk of developing Type I diabetes. In the struggle to cure diabetes DAREF is a leading member and donations can be given at http://www.diabetesaction.org.

Your money will be going to a candid research team that meets the guidelines of the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance’s Standards for Charity Accountability in order to make sure that your donation is not being abused.

Study on Use of Cinnamon for Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Another Diabetes research that is being undertaken is the study of the use of cinnamon to lower blood sugar levels. This study was also financed by DAREF and the research for the project was conducted by Dr. Richard Anderson at the United States Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Resource Center . Anderson was capable of effectively separating the compound in cinnamon which causes lowered blood sugar.

Low Density Lipoproteins for Diabetes Research

In addition to the compound’s effectiveness in helping maintain blood sugar levels, it was also found to reduce total cholesterol levels by as much as 26 percent. Low density lipoproteins, or LDLs, are known as the “bad” type of cholesterol. Levels of LDL were declined by 10 to 24 percent by cinnamon. In addition, triglyceride levels were declined 23 to 30 percent.

Cinnamon for Diabetic Research

The reason that cinnamon is so supportive to someone with diabetes is the way that it inhibits enzymes in the body that may be responsible to insulin resistance. This is particularly significant to those who are suffering with Type II diabetes and have insulin resistance problems.

Cinnamon also was shown to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin causing insulin to be used more efficiently. The isolated compounds causing these effects are known as Type-A polymers. This product became available on the market under the brand name Cinnulin PF after the isolation.

Diabetes Research requires financial support which can lead to research which can be helpful to those with diabetes. If you or someone you know is suffering with this chronic illness, backing a research team can be helpful to you in addition to the millions of further diabetes sufferers in the world.


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