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Diabetes Symptoms: Fatigue

Symptoms of Diabetes for both Type 1 and Type 2 are similar. Fatigue is a cause for concern. Fatigue indicates that the body is not efficiently using the glucose for fuel. The body will switch over to burning the fat in the body as its fuel source. This causes the body to consume more energy and the result is regular tiredness.

Weight Loss

If you observe unpredicted weight loss which is the major diabetes symptom, albeit you are eating the right amounts of food, and even more, you may not be processing the calories. Due to frequent urination you are also losing sugar and water. Dehydration also leads to weight loss.

Undue thirst occurs when there are high blood sugar levels in the blood. It signals the brain that there is surplus sugar in the blood and the body tries to dilute it. This will make you continually feel thirsty.

Another way to get rid of the body from excess blood sugar is through regular urination. Sugar carries water with it as it is flushed out of the body. The body gets confused and tries to manufacture more insulin when the body has become resistant to it. When the body has towering insulin levels, the body thinks it needs to fuel hunger. You may be consuming more food, but not gaining weight, and could even lose weight.

Symptoms of Diabetes - Uncured wound

An uncured wound in the proper time is other symptoms of diabetes that you should be concerned which is due to high blood sugar levels. The high sugar levels thwart white cells from functioning properly.

White blood cells fight bacteria and clean up dead tissue and cells. When the white blood cells are working improperly, it takes wounds longer to heal and there is added chance of infection in the wound.

Frequent Infections are also Diabetes Symptoms

Frequent infections are also diabetes symptoms that may be a sign of poor blood sugar control. Fungus infections, skin infections, and urinary infections appear because sugar levels in the blood allow infections to attack and grow.

If these infections often embarrass, it should send a signal to contact your doctor, especially if you have been diagnosed as prediabetes

Dim Vision

If you experience weakened or dim vision, it is one of the symptoms of diabetes for which you should have your blood sugar levels checked. This is not only a symptom of diabetes, but also a symptom of high blood sugar levels.

Symptoms of Diabetes: Affect on Mental Condition

One of the scariest symptoms of diabetes could be how it affects your mental condition. Agitation, inability to pay attention, increased irritability, confusion, and high sugar levels could explain idleness and the previously listed symptoms.

I watched my Dad go through times of extreme agitation and irritability, usually caused because he wasn’t doing what he ought to do to control his sugar levels. If your loved one or family member has affected for some unknown reason, you may want to contact your doctor and take them to be checked.

Symptoms of diabetes will vary with each person. If someone is experiencing any of the listed problems, your doctor may want you to have a blood sugar test prior to the appointment.


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